Venue decor specialists

      For all your event needs.


We have it covered                               Free consultation                            Not just wedding
Personal touch with your                                                  Call or email for a hassle free                                       We cater for all occasions 
consideration in mind.                                                        face to face consultation,                                           not just weddings, no jobs
we will communicate with                                                  during your no obligation                                            too big nor too small. We
other suppliers to make it                                                  free consultation we will                                               can help through one or
 hassle and stress free. we also                                           spend time talking and                                                all aspects of your event.
keep your budget in mind.                                                 and suggestion ideas, we 

                                                         will also meet at a location
                                                                                     of your
 choice and arrange
see your venue.      


Drapes  Link

Drapes can transform any venue, 

to give you a full personal touch 

      to any special day. 

Ceiling deco'r   Link

Have a desired ceiling with

 endless possibilities to transform. 

Dressing   Link

your event should be 

personal and unique

to yourself. 

Equipment  Link
Needing more lighting                              
or even sound so you
can dance the night

Products Link
A wide range of product,
to help give you what you need
under one roof.

Furniture Link
Not enough chairs or 
even tables to seat all
your guest, don't worry
we have it covered.

Vintage   Link
Vintage styles never go 
out of fashion, weather
you love 1930's or Great Gatsby-styles
or maybe you prefer 1940's.
Vintage themes always look

Outdoor equipment Link
Nothing better than enjoying
your party out in the sun, but
don't let the rain ruin your day.

Centrepieces  Link
Help reflect the theme/colour
of your day and get inspired,
there is a style out there for 

                               Sweet displays Link
                             We all have a sweet tooth
                                             but why not enjoy the
                                           ones you like, from retro,
                                         traditional and colours to
                                                match your theme.